Selling Process in Spain

Necessary Paperwork Recently in Spain there has been a new law passed called decree 218. This law has been made to ensure that accurate information and complete transparency is available to all potential buyers of properties in Spain. By order of law, all agents with a property for sale must have all the relevant and accurate information for every property they have listed for sale. This decree can only be viewed as positive as its aim is to instil confidence in potential buyers both now and in the future. Documents you will need before registering your property for sale:
  • Sale agreement, signed.
  • The Nota Simple or title deeds (Escritura),
  • Latest IBI (Rates) and Basura (Rubbish) receipts.
  • First occupancy licence (Licencia de 1ª Ocupación) if aplicable.
  • Building license (Licencia de obra) if aplicable.
  • Community fees receipt.
  • Water or electricity bill.
  • Floor plans of your property if available.
  • Lawyer’s details.
  • IMORTANT: It is now compulsory to have an energy certificate by Spanish law.
  Property taxes and expenses when selling your property: (Please use the form below).

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